When fighting debt, knowledge is one of your greatest assets. Haven't reviewed your debts in a while? Here are the things you should know about all your debts:

This budget guide will show you exactly how to create a budget, and a handful of ways to stick to one: https://t.co/G1cF7QVq2Q

We are so proud of everyone who reached their #DebtFreeDate last month. Being financially free is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your family this year. We're here to help.

Here are some easy ways to send money to someone in another country- even without a bank account or credit card: https://t.co/rWtqUttn1a

The first call to us might be difficult, but we will be with you every step of the way!

Whether you need help investing, tracking your debt or creating a budget— there’s an app for that. @claritymoney, @hellodigit, @qapitalapp, and @CharlieFinance_ are great apps to get you started. More info here: https://t.co/a9Vdlsaq67

Discovers some tricks to make sure you're not paying more than you have to for your cell phone: https://t.co/K6SNTLpcJw

Say ✌🏼to credit cards and start working towards your #DebtFreeDate. ✂️ 💳

MMI offers FREE financial webinars that are open to the public! Check out the latest classes and register now: https://t.co/x1IHHVvPVA

Think about WHY you're making a financial change in your life. Whether it's a better future, your children, or owning your own home, think about what will genuinely motivate you to make a change. Then write it down!

While there might be a temporary decrease, it's important to focus on the big picture- getting out of debt! Get more details here: https://t.co/A6di5DGw0z

Being able to retire early is a dream come true. But if you’re not careful, you might find yourself running out of money as time goes on: https://t.co/rR9Iq9WUtW

Military life can come with certain sacrifices, as well as perks and bonuses! Here's how service members can maximize these benefits: https://t.co/Z4vCbLigwI

Ok yes it's a little cheesy, but here are seven (completely free) ways to show that special someone how much you care: https://t.co/57TMXcjOKz

Your #DebtFree journey won't always be easy, but we promise all your hard work will pay off!

In 2018, fewer than half of Americans said they closely tracked their spending or had a budget via @ConsumerReports: https://t.co/xHTJY3YqP6

Take #DebtRepayment into your own hands and build a plan that works for you: https://t.co/KVgpLZeSmz

Sound familiar? MMI can help you learn how to overcome setbacks and build a strong credit history: https://t.co/FgYSkce1DS

Talking about money with your spouse can be difficult. Here are some pointers that can help make the convo a bit easier: https://t.co/JafFJPl40U

Considering trying #DebtSettlement on your own? Here’s a rough guide to the steps you may want to take: https://t.co/5CfHdvm0xT

If you're trying out a new diet this year, you can do it all on a tight budget. Here’s how: https://t.co/8bHFJIi9Yi

Get more details on how to create the perfect budget for your personal situation: https://t.co/kBziXq6Nm6

Take some time today to prepare for a successful week! A small change can make a big difference financially.

Congratulations to our own @MCHealthy225 on the publication of her book, Mommy's Cooking Healthy - Southern Style!

Curious about the cost of a credit counseling session? And how it can possibly help your financial situation? Get all your questions answered: https://t.co/e3waOYhz2U

Need a little extra cash to hit your savings goals? Here are 4 tactics to boost your income if you’re 50 and over: https://t.co/V0Lx230PyN

Just a friendly reminder about one of the many ways MMI can help your financial situation.

There are several things you need to do when you’re told you owe a debt that isn’t yours: https://t.co/tUAvDtxBg8

Learn more about how to bring your finances together after marriage in our latest guide: https://t.co/ZCIsmo4vU4

It may not be #TestimonialTuesday but we just couldn't wait to share this review with you guys. We are so proud of our clients who work so hard to become debt free!

"There are many organizations that have rallied to help those who are in this furlough situation." You are not alone!

When the paychecks stop coming in but the bills won’t slow down, here are some tips to keep your finances in order: https://t.co/7ecN13Cu8p

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