Some of the webinars include:
- Put your debt on a diet
- Understanding military benefits
- and more!

Check them out here: https://moneym.org/webinars

This school year is unlike anything we've ever seen! If you're still deciding between in-person and virtual learning, here is something else to consider: http://moneym.org/homeschool

With all this time we're spending at home, online counseling is the perfect way to get started on your #DebtFreeDate: http://moneym.org/online-counseling

It can be tempting to keep all of your passwords the same and easy to remember, but it's not safe! Make sure each password is different and unique. You'll be thankful you did!

This tip is an easy but important one. Do your research on third-party sites, check the BBB, and make sure the website is secure. Learn more: https://moneym.org/5cwdj

One easy way to protect your phone and computer when shopping online is to stay alert for updates and install them as they become available. Learn more: https://moneym.org/5cwdj

Project Porchlight helps survivors create a financial recovery plan, navigate FEMA and insurance, and provides referrals to necessary resources: https://moneym.org/Laura

Here's another way that being self-employed can impact your #credit. What other ways can you think of? Read about the rest here: https://moneym.org/krful

.@undebt_it, @debtplanner, and Debt Manager on Android are all great apps to help you keep track of debt. Of course if you need more help, we're here for you! Learn more about these apps: https://moneym.org/debtapps

If you're interested, here are some of the financial considerations associated with homeschooling: https://moneym.org/homeschool

Have you found other ways to cut costs this school year?

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