This holiday season you might want to go beyond and think about any frontline workers who put themselves in harm’s way to receive a tip. Learn more: https://moneym.org/tipping

Consider tipping 20-25% when dining in, and 15-20% for take out. When it comes to delivery drivers, experts recommend tipping 20% of the bill.

How much do you normally tip during #COVID?

Carryout and delivery have become the norm during #COVID, and tipping has become more important now than ever. Learn more: https://moneym.org/tipping

Join us this Tuesday, November 24th at 7:30pm ET when Beatriz Juliao Mauersberg presents "Keeping Debt Under Control."

Register here: https://lnkd.in/eP58xip

Low on funds this year? Christmas loans, skipping payments, and point of sale financing are not the best way to purchase gifts. Learn more: https://moneym.org/holiday-financing

Needing to raise money for a project, special cause, or even a business endeavor? @kickstarter, @gofundme, @Fundly, @Patreon, and @kofi_button are all great options! Any others we've missed?

We have resources available to help your specific financial situation- even ones you might not be aware of! Contact us today to help. #TestimonialTuesday #DebtFreeDate

Need help with your student loans but have a crazy schedule? Now you can do it completely online, and at your own pace! Get more info here: https://moneym.org/student-loans

Whether it's setting a quick weekly budget, deciding how much you'll eat out this week, or writing down which bills are due, start this month off right!

Unfortunately scammers are still out there trying to take advantage of others, even during a pandemic. Learn how to protect yourself: http://moneym.org/vbu7h

More people are using grocery delivery services, trying curbside pickup for the first time, and cutting back on discretionary spending. How has #COVID changed your financial habits?

"MMI is committed to the financial success of those who serve our country. I am pleased to be named Honorary Commander @LukeAFB and look forward to building meaningful relationships as I serve in this capacity." @jimstriggs http://moneym.org/recon

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