Tony Petersson, CEO of Oatly, discusses the heritage of Swedish oats, the sustainability of his company's milk, and what makes it "better".

"I think TikTok is going to pull out of the holding company, which is China-run, and operate as an independant American company." National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow says he thinks TikTok can avoid a ban if it finds a new buyer.

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An anonymous buyer purchased this private island off the coast of Ireland for more than $6.3 million — without even seeing the location in person. Brokers say the demand for private islands has increased in recent months.

Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman discussed the company's deal with E*Trade saying, "It's real money, not just kids playing."

The deal is expected to finalize during the first half of Q4.

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Oprah, Natalie Portman and Howard Schultz are just a few of oat-milk brand @Oatly's newest investors.

CEO Toni Petersson discussed the company's growth following the $200 million in funding.

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The Dow fell for the first time in five days after a weaker-than-expected jobless claims number was reported. Here are three strategists and economists on how investors can position their portfolio.

Should colleges charge full tuition for virtual classes? 72% of swing state voters say no, a new CNBC/@ChangePolls survey finds.

How do swing state voters feel about schools reopening in the fall? @ylanmui has the results of the latest CNBC/@ChangePolls survey.

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