This is why the former president of left the company to focus on cannabis. via @CNBCMakeIt

The Tesla Model 3 has earned the coveted Top Safety Pick+ Award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, making it only the second all-electric vehicle to receive the distinction

The global cosmetics industry is expected to grow $379 billion in the next 4 years. But when you break down that number, it's skin care that drives most of that growth. Here's why — and how — it got so big.

Scared of market volatility? Don't be, says @ReformedBroker. Instead, think of volatility as your portfolio's best friend. #investinyou (In partnership with @acorns.)

The U.S. spends more money per citizen on healthcare than any other country and it's also the world's biggest economy, so why is life expectancy on the decline? (via @CNBCi)

Pro football is famous for the millions that players make every year. But that's not the case for everyone drafted to the NFL.

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