Finally, i think that Apple's health initiatives are novel and potentially gigantic. Go read $JNJ's conference call yesterday and you will know what i mean. That's innovation!

However, i totally recognize that Amazon is the greater innovator of the era right now...That is no slag of Apple. Amazon is an amazing company...Both are good stocks...

Really puzzling over the innovation issue...The Twitter followers have spoken pretty much in unison against Apple. I am in steadfast disagreement. We benefit from its innovations everyday.

First guest of the day: ⁦@BillGates⁩! Tune into ⁦@SquawkCNBC⁩ to hear how the $10B he spent on vaccinations has had a better return on investment over the last 20 years than if he’d put it in the S&P 500. ($200B vs $17B)

Tesla, Amazon and Apple all still innovate... The rest copy or try to figure out ways to save money for enterprises.

14% of US adults smoked cigarettes in 2017, down from 15.5% the year before — and Morgan Stanley sees it sinking to 5.0% by 2030 ... “a ~60% drop in the total US smoking population over this time frame.”

From Morgan Stanley’s downgrade of $MO today.

Should Nvidia really be down nine? amazon own 78? I know there are a lot of sellers out there but this seems like an overreaction....

"Cuaron tied the record for most decorated Oscar nominee ever for one film with four individual nods for "Roma," ... Only Orson Welles ("Citizen Kane") and Warren Beatty (who did it twice with "Reds" and "Heaven Can Wait") have matched the four-nod feat." - @AP


MORGAN STANLEY: "Technically, we think the odds of a full or partial retest of the December lows are still relatively high which would bring the S&P 500 back to 2450, at a minimum."

(via @pattidomm)

"A source close to the situation tells me that Netflix will be joining the MPAA, Hollywood's lobbying organization -- and this could be announced as early as today." - @JBoorstin @CNBC


The S&P 500 is up 5.61% MTD in January, on pace for its best January since 2018 when it gained ..

.. 5.62%

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