Hope to see you all at @BarSanMiguelBK .. i am trying some new mezcals....

Someone bring me to some ad agency convention and I will do a 30 minute presentation where I just scream 'don't use document.write' at the top of my lungs again and again until my time is up.

Iridium and Planet Fitness--tonight on @MadMoneyOnCNBC

SUNTRUST: “Historically, the 10/3M spread has inverted 15 months prior to recession on average, with periods as short as 5 months (1973) or as long as 39 months (1966).”


If UVA loses today AND the Mueller report comes out, I’m leaving.

Can Stephen Moore cut UVA’s interest rate? They need some stimulus. And fast.

The stock market rally got mugged by economic realities and a global slowdown

lol sometimes The Atlantics plenitude of tagging includes weird stuff that really makes me laugh. Top tags here:

curious doppelgängers
glorious symphony of fear
inscrutable mother figure
months of hype
pitch-black comedy of the haves
taut piece of virtuoso horror filmmaking

Hope to see you at @BarSanMiguelBK after work tonight!!

Look buddy, just because you live in a city and are an asshole and only have asshole friends doesn't mean everyone here is an asshole.

I love that on LastFm, other languages' music gets categorized under its genre (so Czech Rock is just Rock) but French music is just categorized as "French"

Worst day for the Dow since Jan 3 -- and it'll stay that way as long as the index drops less than 660 points.

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Happy 84th birthday, M. Emmet Walsh. One of the great character actors of the last 50 years -- and a Coen Brothers' favorite.

"Raising Arizona" (1987)
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As the Lyft IPO approaches, it's worth remembering that in 2015, @Carl_C_Icahn invested $100m in the company at a valuation of $2b. Less than a week ahead of the offering, Lyft is said to be seeking a valuation of up to $23b.

Some return.

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